1 January 2014

My baby turns 21.

Hello y'all! 

Happy New Year guys! Just so you know, my boy and I will turn 21 this year, but because I have school on his actual birthday we had to celebrate it in advance. I'm not gonna be blabbering so much today cause I'd like to think that a picture speaks a thousand words. But I really had the time of my life and making sure he stays happy as long he's with me. Putting that smile and laughter on his face is my ultimate goal. 

But most importantly, I wanna say Happy 21st Birthday baby. This means you've become a man, like finally. But being a man doesn't just mean you're legal for everything, and you can do whatever you want; it means it's time to bear responsibilities independently and being at your best. I have good faith in you my dear and I'm sure we will work hard to make ends meet. You know I will always love you.


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